UV-c 1000mm LED STRIP

The BlueScience Pro-Kit is a quick and easy way to simply enhance the UV-c dosage from an existing BlueScience LED Driver, making it perfect to protect the air in larger FCU's or populated areas..

Firstly you must purchase the Standard Kit and install the LED Driver & 700mm LED Strip. The Pro-Kit can then be added by adding the splitter (supplied with the Pro-Kit). Then connect the 700mm LED Strip (supplied with the Standard-Kit) and 1000mm LED Strip (supplied with the Pro-Kit) into the splitter.

The increased number of LED's; 48 in total, 18 (Standard Kit)

+ 30 (Pro-Kit), it massively ramps up the UV-c dosage rate. 


1000mm 30 UV-c LED Strip

Storefront Protector Sticker

LED Split Connector

1000mm Extension Cable


Pro-Kit is NOT supplied with a LED Driver.

The Pro-Kit will increase the UV-c exposure and dosage rate significantly as it will increase the number of UV-c LED’s from 18 to 48. The Pro-Kit is intended for use on larger Fan Coil units, higher populated confined areas or when a high fan speed is preferred.

LED Strip

To protect the LED Strip in cold/damp environments a conformal coating has been applied to the LED Strip and terminals. The LED's themselves have not been coated as any covering of the LED's will deflect or dilute the light radiation. 

Where to place

the UV-c LED Strip?

The UV-c LED Strip is placed on the top of the drip tray, angled toward the evaporating coil, making sure that the UV-c LED's are facing inwards. UV-c LED's must not radiate out or point out in the direction of the room.

UV-c LED Strip can be

cut to a desired length.

Standard-Kit Set Up

Pro-Kit Components

Standard & Pro-Kit Combined

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